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Tattooing and Body Piercing


Our bodies are a gift from God, a blessing we received because we were righteous in the premortal life (see Abraham 3:26). The scriptures compare the body to a temple of God (see 1 Corinthians 6:19–20), and we should respect our bodies as we would a temple. President Russell M. Nelson has said:

“I stand in awe of the miracle of the human body. It is a magnificent creation, essential to our gradual ascent toward our ultimate divine potential. We cannot progress without it. In giving us the gift of a body, God has allowed us to take a vital step toward becoming more like Him. …

“Your body is your personal temple, created to house your eternal spirit. Your care of that temple is important” (“We Can Do Better and Be Better,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2019, 68).

In teaching about how to care for our bodies, prophets have warned against tattooing or excessive piercing (see Leviticus 19:28; Gordon B. Hinckley, “Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children,” Ensign, Nov. 2000, 52).

As members of the Savior’s Church, we strive to care for our bodies as “the instrument of our spirit[s]” (D. Todd Christofferson, “Reflections on a Consecrated Life,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2010, 17). For more information, see For the Strength of Youth.

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