Primary Is for Everyone

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“Primary Is for Everyone,” Friend, Mar. 2015, 28–29

Primary Is for Everyone

Ryder’s friend wouldn’t be reverent in Primary. What could Ryder do?

“We’re glad you came our way to share with us our Primary day” (Children’s Songbook, 260).

Friend Magazine, 2015/03 Mar

Ryder was so excited. His best friend, Jacob, had agreed to go to church with him! Ryder loved playing with Jacob. They played video games together and pretended they were dinosaurs. Ryder just knew Jacob would love Primary.

When Ryder and Jacob got to their class, Sister Johnson smiled and welcomed Jacob. Ryder smiled too.

Then, during the opening prayer, Jacob poked Ryder and talked right out loud. Ryder was worried. Jacob was great at playing video games and being a pretend dinosaur, but maybe he didn’t know how to be reverent.

Sister Johnson had everyone show how to sit during prayer. She reminded them that they were speaking to Heavenly Father and they should listen to the words of the prayer. Ryder watched Jacob listen closely to Sister Johnson. Maybe no one has ever taught Jacob about prayer before, Ryder thought.

Later Jacob made his handout into a plane and kept throwing it around the room. During sharing time he wouldn’t sit still. While Sister Myers led everyone in singing Ryder’s favorite song, Jacob kept jumping out of his chair.

“Jacob, you need to stay in your chair,” Ryder whispered. “You need to be reverent.”

“What does reverent mean?” Jacob asked.

Ryder was surprised that Jacob had never learned what it meant to be reverent.

“It means you sit quietly and fold your arms like this,” Ryder said, showing his friend. “This way, it’s easier to learn about Jesus.”

Jacob sat in his chair and copied what Ryder did.

Ryder was glad that Jacob was learning, but he still felt bad that his friend hadn’t been reverent for most of church that day. At the end of Primary, he went up to Sister Johnson.

“I’m sorry about how Jacob acted,” he said. “He’s never been to church before.”

Sister Johnson put her arm around Ryder’s shoulders. “That’s OK, Ryder. I’m so glad Jacob is here today,” she said. “Primary is for everyone. I hope he’ll come with you again.”

Ryder had a warm feeling inside. He looked at the picture of Jesus on the wall. He knew Jesus loved all children and wanted them to be closer to Him. He was glad his friend had been able to come to church and learn more about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.