Magnolia and Mia

    “Magnolia and Mia,” Friend, Mar. 2015, 14–15

    Friends Who Care

    Magnolia & Mia

    Friend Magazine, 2015/03 Mar

    My name is Magnolia.

    I go to a ward where we speak Spanish. One day Mia came to my Primary class. She speaks only English. I wanted to help Mia feel welcome, so I decided to help her. I would be her interpreter!

    Lots in Common

    We both just got baptized and confirmed. We both like music, especially hymns and Primary songs. We both like family home evening. And both of us like to read stories in the Friend and the Liahona.

    Keeping Up

    At first it was hard to keep up when I was interpreting for Mia. Then the teachers slowed down to give me time. We all felt good that we could help Mia.

    My name is Mia.

    My parents speak Spanish, so we went to the Spanish-speaking ward. I couldn’t understand what people were saying. Magnolia saw that I was frustrated. She moved over next to me and whispered English in my ear.

    Good Friends

    After Primary, I asked Magnolia if she would be my friend. She said yes. From then on, Magnolia was my friend and my interpreter. She helped me make other friends too.

    Do What Jesus Would Do

    Everyone can help people, just like Magnolia helped Mia. Pray. Heavenly Father will help you know who to help. It’s just like the song, “If The Savior Stood Beside Me.” We can try to do what Jesus would want us to do.

    How You Can Help

    Tips from Mia and Magnolia

    If someone:

    • Is new at church or school, help her feel welcome.

    • Doesn’t go to church very much, invite him to go with you.

    • Is being bullied, stand up for her. Tell your teacher.

    • Seems lonely, invite him to join you.

    • Needs a friend, ask her to be your friend. With your parents’ permission, invite her over to play.

    If you speak more than one language, offer to interpret.