Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Friend, Mar. 2015, 26–27

    Show and Tell

    Friend Magazine, 2015/03 Mar

    The Aurora Ward Primary participated in the Springfield Missouri Stake’s challenge to read the Book of Mormon. The children kept track of their progress throughout the year by adding links to their “Scripture Reading Chain.”

    Madisyn, Seth, and Isaac M., ages 4, 5, and 3, Nebraska, USA, pitched a tent toward the TV so they could watch general conference, like the people in the Book of Mormon did when King Benjamin taught them (see Mosiah 2:6).

    Before I was baptized I took a picture dressed as my scripture hero, Captain Moroni. I keep this picture in my room to help me remember to keep my covenants like Captain Moroni did (see Alma 60:34). Keeping my covenants helps me make better choices, feel happy, and grow closer to my Heavenly Father.

    Thomas O., age 9, Virginia, USA

    One day my friend was passing out birthday invitations to kids in our class. Instead of giving me one, she said, “I’m not inviting you to my party.” I was very sad. I decided to get her a present anyway. I know I can be like Jesus when I do nice things even if others don’t include me. Sometimes it is hard to do, but I love my friends even when they don’t include me. I know that’s how Jesus wants us to be.

    Lily E., age 6, Arizona, USA

    Even though my dad is not a member of the Church, I still pray at his house. When the lights go out and the doors are closed, I kneel down and pray. I am glad I can feel the Holy Ghost at my dad’s house.

    Riley D., age 9, Alaska, USA

    Helping Hands!

    I share the gospel with my friends and teachers.

    Ivana S., age 10, Colombia

    I brought school supplies to put in back-to-school kits.

    Major S., age 3, Utah, USA

    I helped someone read at their home.

    David L., age 11, Colombia

    I helped to take some stuff to the library.

    Sophia A., age 5, Utah, USA

    At school when someone fell, I helped her to get up.

    Tami V., age 8, Mexico

    My mom just had a baby, and I help her take care of the baby.

    Lia G., age 3, Utah, USA

    I helped my mom with chores.

    Emma B., age 5, Utah, USA

    I helped weed Grandma’s garden.

    Payton N., age 9, Utah, USA

    I helped my mom do the dishes.

    Chase N., age 7, Virginia, USA

    I helped with the laundry.

    Sam S., age 9, Utah, USA

    Tell us how you’ve served! See page 15 to send us your “helping hand.”