Where Is Jesus?

    “Where Is Jesus?” Friend, Mar. 2015, 2–3

    From the First Presidency

    Where Is Jesus?

    Adapted from “Where Is the Pavilion?” Ensign, Nov. 2012, 72–75.

    Jesus Christ lives. He knows us, watches over us, and cares for us.

    Friend Magazine, 2015/03 Mar

    My three-year-old granddaughter Eliza went with her family to the open house of the Brigham City Temple in Utah. In one of the rooms of that beautiful temple, she looked around and asked, “Mommy, where is Jesus?” Her mother explained that she would not see Jesus in the temple, but she would be able to feel His presence in her heart. Eliza carefully thought about her mother’s answer. Then she said, “Oh, Jesus is gone helping someone.”

    Eliza knew that the temple is the house of the Lord, but she also understood that Jesus has a body and can only be in one place at a time. If He was not at His house, she knew that He must be in another place. And she knew that He would be somewhere doing good for His Father’s children.

    The Spirit revealed to her mind and heart the comfort all of us need. Jesus Christ lives. He knows us, watches over us, and cares for us. In moments of pain, loneliness, or confusion, we do not need to see Jesus Christ to know that He is aware of us. His mission is to bless us.

    Never Alone

    Because He has a resurrected body, Jesus cannot physically be with us all the time, but we are never alone. To find out why, answer each question below. Then use those answers to solve the code. Check your answers below and in John 14:26.

    How many …

    • books in the Book of Mormon? ________ (A)

    • hours in a day? ________ (B)

    • books in the New Testament? ________ (C)

    • seconds in a minute? ________ (D)

    • books in the Old Testament? ________ (E)

    • days in a week? ________ (F)

    • articles in the Articles of Faith? ________ (G)

    • months in a year? ________ (H)

    • years in a century? ________ (I)

    • commandments the Lord gave Moses? ________ (L)

    • sides on a hexagon? ________ (M)

    • years old you have to be to be baptized? ________ (N)

    • tails on a dog? ________ (O)

    • sides on a rectangle? ________ (R)

    • toes on a foot? ________ (S)

    • pennies in a quarter? ________ (T)

    • members of the Godhead? ________ (U)

    • days in April? ________ (W)

    • missionaries in a companionship? ________ (Y)