Funstuff: Gardens and Mysteries

    “Funstuff: Gardens and Mysteries,” Friend, Mar. 2015, 10


    Gardens and Mysteries

    Friend Magazine, 2015/03 Mar

    Connecting Dots with the Friend

    Here’s an object from a story in this month’s Friend! Connect the dots and see if you can guess which story it matches. Answer below.

    Riddle Rhyme Time

    The scriptures teach that we should eat good foods to stay strong and healthy. Can you figure out what food this is? Hint: you can grow it in your garden.

    I am a vegetable, good as can be.

    But I’m also a bit of a food mystery.

    You throw out my outside with barely a look,

    And after you do so, my inside you cook.

    Yet here’s where your thinking leaves me at a loss.

    You next eat my outside, and my inside you toss!

    What am I? (Answer below.)