Listening to the Lord

    “Listening to the Lord,” Friend, Mar. 2015, 21

    Listening to the Lord

    A story from Elder Hales’s life

    As a boy Elder Hales loved baseball. In high school he became the pitcher for the school’s baseball team. Once he lost three games in a row, one to nothing. One of the games was a no-hitter. The school newspaper had an article called “Hard-Luck Hales Loses Again.”

    Robert told his coach he was going to quit. His coach told him that he just needed to stop wearing out his arm. He was pitching fastballs before the games to show off. Robert listened. The next game he pitched so well that the other team never scored a single run. Because he listened to his coach, he was able to play better. Robert learned that listening to Heavenly Father is like that too. When we listen to Heavenly Father, we can do well.

    Later when Robert was in college, his bishop called him to be the elders quorum president. Robert was willing to serve, but he wasn’t sure what to do. His school classes were very hard. His teachers didn’t want him to do any work outside of school. He knew it would be hard to accept the calling and do well in school. He and his wife, Mary, prayed to know what to do. They listened to the Lord’s answer. Robert accepted the calling and later finished school. He showed the Lord when he was young that he was willing to listen. As an Apostle, Elder Hales listens and tells us what Heavenly Father wants us to hear in general conference.