When Should I Tell?

    “When Should I Tell?” Friend, Mar. 2015, 46

    When Should I Tell?

    Friend Magazine, 2015/03 Mar

    If somebody is—

    • Playing a dangerous game

    • Taking medicine that isn’t his

    • Eating, drinking, or sniffing something strange

    • Hurting her body

    • Doing something he doesn’t want adults to know about

    If somebody—

    • Tries to get you to do anything from the list above

    • Shows pictures of people without clothes

    • Asks you to look at or touch their body or let them look at or touch your body

    • Asks you to keep a secret about something that makes you feel bad

    • Is bullying or talking disrespectfully to you or someone else—in person, by text, or online

    If something—

    • Makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable

    • Doesn’t seem right or gives you an “uh-oh” feeling

    Listen to the Holy Ghost and trust your feelings!

    Who can I tell?

    • A parent, grandparent, or guardian

    • A schoolteacher or counselor

    • A Church teacher or leader

    • An older brother or sister

    • A doctor

    • A friend who can help you tell an adult

    You don’t need to feel alone with a secret. An adult can help you know what to do. Keep telling people until you get the help you need.

    Be brave!

    You are strong. Speaking up can help you and others be safe!