My Media Safety Plan
June 2023

“My Media Safety Plan,” Friend, June 2023, 42.

My Media Safety Plan

Activity page about media safety

Illustration by Mary Rojas

Having a plan will help you know exactly what to do when you see a bad picture or video.

Call it what it is.

Say, “This is a bad picture” or “That’s a bad video.” The Holy Ghost will help you know when a picture or video is not good. Trust your feelings.

When I see a bad picture or video, I will …

Turn away.

Click out. Turn off the computer. Walk away. Do whatever you have to do to get away from the bad picture.

If I am tempted to keep looking at a bad picture, I will …

Talk to a safe adult about what you saw and how you felt.

This can be a parent or another adult you trust. Don’t be scared! They love you and will help you.

When I see or hear something bad, I will talk to …