Following Jesus in Portugal
June 2023

“Following Jesus in Portugal,” Friend, June 2023, 16–17.

Following Jesus in Portugal

Meet Matilde!

About Matilde

Photo of a smiling girl

Age: 5

From: Lisbon Region, Portugal

Language: Portuguese

Family: Matilde, Mom, Dad, and a little brother and sister

Goals and dreams: To be a doctor

How Matilde Follows Jesus

Family standing in front of the Lisbon Portugal Temple

One day, Matilde’s mom told her the ward wanted to gather toys. The toys were for children who had to leave their own country quickly. Matilde’s mom asked if she had any soft toys to share with them. The toys would help them feel less scared on their journey.

At first Matilde didn’t want to share her toys. But then she thought about how happy the children would feel to get a toy. She thought about how Jesus Christ helped others. So the next day, she helped pick out some stuffed animals to share. She was happy in her heart because she could help the children feel better. She loves to follow Jesus!

Two girls standing in room with stuffed animals

Matilde’s Favorites

The beach, the Baby Jesus, a pear, a pink flower, and a pencil and paintbrush

Place: The beach

Story about Jesus: His birth

Fruit: Pears

Color: Pink

Subject in School: Art

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Illustrations by Anna Daviscourt