Serving with Art
June 2023

“Serving with Art,” Friend, June 2023, 32–33.

Friend to Friend

Serving with Art

From an interview with Gretchen Picklesimer Kinney.

I have been drawing pictures for my whole life. When I was little, I drew all the time. My mom asked me to tell her the story for each picture I drew. I told her the stories, and she wrote them down for me.

Art by Kristin M. Yee from when she was a child

From a young age, I wanted to become an artist. I loved watching animated movies. I wanted to be part of making something like that. My mom always believed in me, and she helped me believe that I could do it.

To get better at art, I practiced a lot. I volunteered for things. I drew posters for community events. I painted store windows. I painted banners. One time I helped paint sets at an opera house.

These experiences taught me that art was a way that I could serve. I had fun using my talents to help others. I felt more motivated because I was making something beautiful for someone else.

When I grew up, I became an artist for Disney. I tried new things and developed talents I didn’t know I had. Heavenly Father led and guided me to where I needed to be.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! You don’t have to be the best at something to enjoy it. Think about the talents you can use right now to serve. When we use our talents in Heavenly Father’s way, He helps us grow and develop them.

Moving Pictures

Example of animation activity

Make your own animation! Once you learn how, you can teach someone else too.

  1. Cut a strip from the paper and fold it in half.

  2. Open the folded paper. Draw a picture on the bottom half. It can be an animal, a person, or anything you’d like!

  3. Fold the paper back down. Trace over your first drawing, but make small changes to create a new version.

  4. Roll up the top paper tightly around the pen. Then move the pen up and down quickly to switch between the two drawings. It will look like your picture is moving!

Story PDF

Drawings courtesy of Kristin M. Yee