Drawing with Christian
June 2023

“Drawing with Christian,” Friend, June 2023, 30–31.

Drawing with Christian

Maybe Gabriel could help Christian this time.

This story took place in Brazil.

Children’s drawings of animals

“Now we’ll have a talk by Sister Almeida,” the bishop said.

Gabriel took out a piece of paper and some pencils. He liked to draw while he listened to the talks. So did his sister, Alice.

This time Alice drew a lion. Gabriel drew a dinosaur. He gave it a long neck and a tail.

Then Gabriel looked up. A little boy was walking toward them.

“Oh no!” he whispered to Alice. “Here comes Christian.”

Christian was four years old. He couldn’t talk, and he didn’t sit still. He walked around the chapel during meetings. Sometimes he scribbled on Gabriel’s drawings.

Gabriel hid his pencils behind his back. He didn’t want Christian to get them.

Christian reached for the pencils.

“No! These are mine!” Gabriel whispered, pointing to Christian’s family. “Go sit down.”

But Christian didn’t seem to understand. He kept grabbing for Gabriel’s pencils.

When the meeting was over, Gabriel walked with Mom and Alice to Primary.

“Why can Christian walk around the chapel but I need to be quiet?” Gabriel asked Mom.

“Christian has a different way of thinking,” Mom said. “Walking around helps him feel calm and comfortable.”

“But he always bothers us,” Gabriel said.

Alice frowned. “He just wants to draw.”

“But he doesn’t know how!”

“Maybe we can help him,” Alice said.

The next Sunday, Gabriel sat next to Alice during sacrament meeting. After the bread and water were passed, he pulled out his pencils and paper to draw. Then he saw Christian walking toward them.

Gabriel started to hide his pencils, but he paused. Christian had a big smile on his face. Gabriel remembered what Alice had said. Maybe he could help Christian draw this time!

Three children drawing together

Gabriel smiled back at Christian. He scooted over so Christian could sit between him and Alice. Gabriel gave Christian a pencil and paper. Alice helped Christian hold the pencil. Together they drew a stick figure.

Christian laughed and clapped his hands. He looked excited. Gabriel was excited too. This time Gabriel helped Christian hold the pencil. Together they drew a dog. Gabriel grinned. Drawing with Christian was fun.

When the meeting was over, Christian had a whole stack of drawings. He hugged the drawings tight and pointed to his family’s bench. Gabriel and Alice led Christian back to his family. Christian showed the drawings to his mom with a big smile.

Gabriel was glad he could draw with Christian. And he was glad he had a sister who was a good example.

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Illustrations by Josh Talbot