A Media Maze
June 2023

“A Media Maze,” Friend, June 2023, 24–25.

A Media Maze

A maze with tips about using media

Illustrations by Kelly Smith

The Holy Ghost can guide you every day as you choose what to watch, read, and listen to. Find your way through the maze to see how!

Uplifting media can make you feel happy and peaceful. It can help you want to do good things. Those feelings are from the Holy Ghost. You can share uplifting ideas with others too!

Being curious is normal. But feeling like you need to hide what you’re looking at or keep secrets can be a warning to stop.

Talk to an adult if you see words or pictures you don’t feel good about. That warning feeling comes from the Holy Ghost! If you see something bad, that doesn’t make you bad.

Not everything you see or read is true. The Holy Ghost helps you know what is true. Go to people and places you can trust when you look for information.

Your body is a gift from God. You can feel good when you watch and read things that show respect for your body and for others.

Look for movies, games, and books that show good examples. Do the people in them speak and treat others kindly?

The Holy Ghost can help you know how to best use your time. Have you spent too much time on one thing? What’s something better you can do instead?