A Prayer for Comfort
June 2023

“A Prayer for Comfort,” Friend, June 2023, 28.

Written by You

A Prayer for Comfort

Girl saying a prayer

Illustration by Amanda Smith

When a great family friend died a few months ago, I was really sad. I felt like I had a big, empty hole in my stomach. I thought it was never going to go away.

But the day my mom told me and my family that our friend had died, it wasn’t just me who felt sad. I was so worried about his family and how sad they were. If I felt this sad, his family must have felt a thousand times worse.

That night I said a prayer. I asked that our friends would be all right and feel comfort. I asked the same for my family.

After I said the prayer, I felt a wave of warmth come over me. I knew that it was the Holy Ghost comforting me. I knew that everything would be all right. The hole in my stomach filled, and I knew I would see my friend again someday.