Hello from Portgual
June 2023

“Hello from Portugal!” Friend, June 2023, 18–19.

Hello from Portugal!

Learn about Heavenly Father’s children all over the world.

The flag of Portugal

Illustrations by Macky Pamintuan

Portugal is a country in southwest Europe. About 10 million people live there.

Beautiful Tiles

Blue and white tiles

Many buildings in Portugal are decorated with tiles called azulejos that make patterns or pictures.

Sun and Surf

A beach

Portugal is right next to the Atlantic Ocean, so it has many beautiful beaches. Surfing is a popular summer activity.

The Church in Portugal

A family reading together on a couch

Missionaries first came to Portugal in 1974. Today Portugal has about 45,000 Church members.

Tasty Food

Fish, a bottle of oil, and bread

People in Portugal often eat seafood and meat with olive oil, fresh herbs, and spices. Many meals also include rice, potatoes, or bread.

Lisbon Temple

The Lisbon Portugal temple

Portugal’s first temple was dedicated in 2019.