Can You Hear Me?
June 2023

“Can You Hear Me?” Friend, June 2023, 8.


Can You Hear Me?

Make this play phone to use with a friend or family member!

A boy and girl talking on a cup and string telephone

Illustration by Arthur Lin

  1. Poke a small hole through the bottom of two paper or plastic cups.

  2. Connect the cups by pulling a string through both holes and tying a knot at each end.

  3. Give one cup to a friend. Stand apart and hold the cups so the string is tight.

  4. Talk into one cup while your friend holds the other to their ear to listen.

  5. Take turns listening and talking.

Two paper cups attached by a string

Things to try with your telephone:

  1. Talk about a time when you felt the Holy Ghost.

  2. Read your favorite scripture.

  3. Whisper and see if your friend can still hear you.

  4. Tell your favorite story about Jesus.

  5. Say one thing you are grateful for.