Yes, You Can: The Path to Independence

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“Yes, You Can: The Path to Independence,” Liahona, October 2017

Yes, You Can: The Path to Independence


If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to have to depend on others for what you need. As young adults, we prize independence. We want the freedom to be able to do what we want.

Of course, our plans don’t always turn out exactly the way we would like. Whether you are hoping to find a new job, figure out your education, get a handle on your finances, or even start your own business, becoming self-reliant and achieving that kind of independence can take commitment.

So I think it’s amazing that the Church is committed to helping us be successful. My Path to Self-Reliance, a worldwide initiative that is now rolling out across North America, is designed to help us become more self-reliant while developing our relationship with God. Here are a few of the benefits others have experienced from participating:

Unlock Your Potential

If you aren’t satisfied with your current circumstances, don’t settle. The Lord wants you to succeed and be productive! The new self-reliance initiative will help you plan your education, improve your financial planning, find a new job, or learn how to start or grow your own business. God wants you to be self-reliant, but you first have to commit to doing what it takes to unlock your full potential.

Overcome Obstacles

How many times have you said, “I’ll try again next year” when your plans don’t turn out as you expected? Being independent and chasing goals isn’t always easy. We all have setbacks in our journey to improve, but the self-reliance courses and the connections you make there will help you overcome those obstacles to self-improvement.

Become More like the Savior

The ultimate purpose of this life is to become like the Savior—and the My Path to Self-Reliance initiative will help you do that. When you are able to meet your own spiritual and temporal needs, you are better able to serve and bless others as He did. When your self-reliance increases, so does your ability to bless others through paying offerings and a full tithe, to attend the temple and other Church meetings, and to come closer to God.

You’re Invited

There is so much more to learn! We invite you to take part in a My Path to Self-Reliance devotional. At the devotional, you’ll be encouraged to evaluate your current situation, establish a plan for moving forward, and take your plan to the Lord.

You can find more information about the self-reliance initiative, including videos and materials used in the courses, at srs.lds.org or on the Gospel Library app under Self-Reliance.