3 Fears that Can Keep You from Being Forgiven

“3 Fears that Can Keep You from Being Forgiven,” Liahona, 2017

3 Fears that Can Keep You from Being Forgiven

Young men

1. Fear of embarrassment. There are much worse things than embarrassment, like the burden of unresolved sin. When you choose to repent and confess your sins, any feelings of embarrassment will give way to peace and joy.

2. Fear of effort. Making changes can be hard. But anything that is worthwhile takes effort and work. The results from choosing to change—forgiveness, peace, and spiritual growth—are worth any amount of work.

3. Fear of failure. Perhaps you have tried to change and you keep making the same mistakes. Maybe you are afraid that you can never change. But with the Atonement of Jesus Christ, you can change! Repentance isn’t easy, but with Christ’s help, you can do it. You are not beyond the bounds of Christ’s Atonement, because it has no bounds. Keep trying and keep moving forward.

Repentance might seem scary, but in reality, it is the path to true joy. You can find the courage and the strength to put these fears aside, change your life, and come closer to the Savior.