What Young Adults Need to Know about Institute

“What Young Adults Need to Know about Institute,” Liahona, 2017 Digital Articles

What Young Adults Need to Know about Institute


Ever wonder what’s up with institute but you didn’t want to ask? Read on to get the lowdown. (Spoiler alert: it isn’t a prison or a hospital.)

What is institute? Institute is a religious education program, kind of like seminary but for young adults.

Who can attend? All young adults, ages 18 to 30, married or single, are invited. Get to know other institute students at InstituteIsForMe.lds.org.

Why is it called institute? “Institute” is short for “institute of religion.” The first religious center for Latter-day Saint college students was called “The Latter-day Saint Institute of Religion,” and it has been known by a similar name ever since.

Where are the classes held? Classes are held all over the world. Depending on the area, institute is held in local Church buildings, college campus classrooms, office buildings, or homes. Locate the nearest institute to you at icl.lds.org, or ask your local Church leaders for information.

Why should I attend? Attending institute helps us strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ, progress spiritually, and gain confidence to make important life decisions. Find out how institute blessed Aric and Veronica in this month’s magazines.

How do I get involved? Register online at icl.lds.org. Or just show up at an institute building—the instructors there are excited to help you get registered.

What will I learn? Missionary Preparation, Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel, The Gospel and the Productive Life, and Teachings of the Living Prophets are just a few of the many classes offered at institute.