Seven Lessons for Overwhelmed Parents

“Seven Lessons for Overwhelmed Parents,” Liahona, April 2017

Seven Lessons for Overwhelmed Parents

From a Liahona and Ensign article by Kami Crookston.

What I’ve learned from raising Brad.


My vision of parenthood was one of perfectly behaved children who were always beautifully dressed and never got dirty. I quickly realized this image was fantasy, especially as we’ve raised our son Brad, who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) along with many other problems.

Here are seven things I’ve learned that have helped me in my parenting when I feel overwhelmed:

  • We do not get to pick our trials, nor do we pick their duration. But we can control the way we think and act during trials.

  • When I encourage positive thinking and stop the negative voice in my head, my real voice becomes more patient and loving.

  • My son was God’s son first, and my husband and I are raising our son in a partnership with Him.

  • I can better understand my potential and how I can be an instrument in God’s hands as I pray for ideas about how to help Brad.

  • Heavenly Father knows all things and can help me become a better and stronger mother.

  • Search the scriptures. They contain great parenting advice.

  • Family home evening is an amazing tool for teaching children.

When times are tough, I find joy in the little moments and strive to remember the lessons I’ve learned. I work to recognize the numerous small gifts Heavenly Father blesses me with daily.