Overcoming Obstacles to Learning

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“Overcoming Obstacles to Learning,” Liahona, 2017 Digital Articles

Overcoming Obstacles to Learning


As a recent college graduate, I know what it’s like to struggle to get an education. The need for education has never been greater, yet its cost has never been higher. For too many, higher education is cripplingly expensive or challenging to access. For some it has been no more than a dream—until now.

With our challenges in mind, the First Presidency recently announced BYU–Pathway Worldwide, making a world-class education available to a worldwide Church.

What an amazing demonstration of our Heavenly Father’s love. Learning is essential to both our temporal and our eternal salvation, and “the Lord is moving with power in His Church for you to obtain the education He wants you to have,” says Elder Kim B. Clark, Commissioner of the Church Educational System (see “Learning for the Whole Soul”).

Learning isn’t just for your brain—it’s for your spirit too. That’s where the Church’s institute of religion can help. To explain what institute is and how it helps us, we have enlisted the help of young adults around the world. Aric (from Canada) and Veronica (from Spain) share their experiences and clarify a few common questions (see “Institute Is for Us”).

The Lord is providing us with all sorts of learning opportunities. As you read the August issue of the Ensign or Liahona, I hope that you’ll learn about new opportunities to learn that might be right for you.