Young, Married, and Terminally Ill

“Young, Married, and Terminally Ill,” Liahona, October 2017

Young, Married, and Terminally Ill

A Love greater than Terminal illness

Photograph courtesy of the Richardsons

Life is, most days, unpredictable at best, and not knowing what might come next can be frightening. We often spend so much time avoiding change, fear, and sadness that we forget to enjoy life.

If you don’t want a shark to bite you, never swim in the ocean. If you don’t want a bee to sting you, never stop to smell the roses. And if you don’t want your heart to break, never fall in love. But in avoiding these possible outcomes, you will miss out on so many of the blessings and experiences your Heavenly Father wants you to enjoy.

Nate and Megan Richardson decided to marry knowing full well that Megan had cystic fibrosis, a chronic and progressive disease that can severely affect the quality and length of life of the patient. Megan and Nate could see the struggles ahead of them. They knew they would struggle with finances, with having children, and, eventually, with Megan’s passing.

Still Nate and Megan chose to face those challenges together. Read their love story of faith overcoming fear in the Ensign article “A Love Greater than Terminal Illness.”