4 Ways to Stop Bullying

“4 Ways to Stop Bullying,” Liahona,April 2017

4 Ways to Stop Bullying

Bullying happens more often than we think.


When Shuho, a golfer with professional ambitions, joined his university golf team, he didn’t anticipate the bullying and bigotry that would be aimed at him because of his nationality. “It became increasingly stressful to be around the team,” he says. Eventually, he left the university emotionally and psychologically scarred. Fortunately for Shuho, some new friends not only helped him get back on his feet, but they also brought him into the Church.

Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere. Here are some ideas for what to do when you encounter it.

  1. Say Something. If you see someone getting bullied, or you’re being bullied yourself, don’t ignore it or pretend it isn’t happening. Tell the bully to stop in a clear, calm voice.

  2. Tell Someone. It might not seem cool. It might not seem strong. But telling someone, especially someone who has power to help, will help you or the person being bullied and, in many cases, the bully.

  3. Reach Out. If you’re the victim of a bully, surround yourself with friends. It’s harder to bully an army than a single person. If you know someone who is bullied, befriend them and stand up for them.

  4. Rely on the Savior. You have worth. The person you see being bullied has worth. Even the bully has worth. Christ knows better than anyone what it’s like to be beaten and spat upon. He is your greatest resource in gaining a sense of self-worth.