My Spouse Uses Pornography. How Do I Recover?

My Spouse Uses Pornography. How Do I Recover?

Husband and Wife kneeling in Prayer,

These seven vital behaviors can help the spouse of a pornography user not only survive the heartbreak but also to see a promise of hope. These behaviors—experienced at an individual pace and in an individual order—have proven to be, for many, vital to emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Behavior 1: Address the trauma of betrayal. Learn about and address the trauma, self-blame, and other reactions you may have when you discover your spouse has used or uses pornography.

Behavior 2: Share safely. Find understanding, support, and validation through sharing appropriately.

Behavior 3: Rebuild spiritual confidence. Look for and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost to help restore your trust and spiritual confidence.

Behavior 4: Get help. In addition to counseling with priesthood leaders, find a pathway to healing through resources such as literature, a qualified therapist, a mentor, or a proven healing program.

Behavior 5: Be open and honest. Speak with loved ones regularly about your journey of healing and recovery in an open and authentic way.

Behavior 6: Set boundaries. Create appropriate boundaries with your spouse and establish a structure that allows functioning and healing.

Behavior 7: Practice self-care. Engage in daily routines that heal and nurture mind, body, and spirit.