Come, Follow Me Activities
June 2024

Come, Follow Me Activities,” Friend, June 2024, 28–29.

Come, Follow Me Activities

For home evening or scripture study—or just for fun!

May 27–June 2

Goodness of God Coloring

For Mosiah 25–28

Boy sitting with elderly woman and writing

King Mosiah read his people stories about how God had blessed Alma’s people. When they heard the stories, they thought about the “immediate goodness of God” (Mosiah 25:10). Ask your parents and grandparents about how God has been good to your family. Draw pictures of favorite stories you hear.

June 3–9

Baptism Bookmark

For Mosiah 29Alma 4

Bookmark with artof child getting baptized

Alma baptized many people. When they were baptized, they joined the Church of God (Alma 4:5). Make a baptism bookmark! Cut out a small rectangular piece of paper. Draw someone getting baptized on one side. On the other side, write down scripture verses you find that teach about baptism. Use your baptism bookmark for your scripture reading.

June 10–16

Shepherd Tag

For Alma 5–7

Children running

Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd, and He wants us to come to Him (see Alma 5:38). Play a game of shepherd tag! The person who is “it” is the shepherd gathering sheep. When the shepherd tags someone, they follow the shepherd. Once everyone is tagged, play again with a new shepherd!

June 17–23

Speedy Singing

For Alma 8–12

Children singing

When an angel told Alma to go teach the people, Alma went “speedily” (Alma 8:18). Talk about how you can speedily follow God’s commandments. Then sing “Choose the Right Way” (Children’s Songbook, 160). The first time, sing the song slowly. Then sing it again, faster and faster. How fast can you sing it?

June 24–30

Scripture Stories

For Alma 13–16

Children reading together

Alma and Amulek taught people to look to Jesus Christ and repent (Alma 13:16). Read the story on page 26 to learn more about Alma and Amulek. How did God help them? How does He help you?

Story PDF

Illustrations by Katy Dockrill