Margo and Paolo
June 2024

“Margo and Paolo,” Friend, June 2024, 34.

Margo and Paolo

Margo bearing her testimony at the pulpit while Paolo watches sadly

I want to share my testimony. I know the Book of Mormon is true …

Paolo sitting sadly on the bed while Margo stands beside him

Later …

What’s wrong?

Paolo talking

I don’t think I have a testimony like you. How can you know everything for sure?

Margo talking

Well, I don’t. But I know I feel good when I pray and read the scriptures. And when I learn about Jesus in Primary.

Margo putting her hand on Paolo’s shoulder

Me too. But I have too many questions! It doesn’t feel like enough.

It’s a good start, right? We don’t have to know everything. And we can ask Heavenly Father our questions.

Margo talking over her shoulder to Paolo while she leaves the room

Do you want to talk to Mamãe and Papai about your questions? I think they can help.

Good idea.

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Illustrations by Katie McDee