Who Were the Sons of Mosiah?
June 2024

“Who Were the Sons of Mosiah?” Friend, June 2024, 24–25.

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Who Were the Sons of Mosiah?

The sons of Mosiah standing together

Mosiah was a prophet of God and a righteous king. His sons were Ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni. When they were young, they led people away from Jesus Christ’s Church.

Angel visiting the sons of Mosiah and Alma

An angel visited them. He told them to repent. The sons of Mosiah repented and chose to follow the Savior. They all served missions and taught others about Jesus Christ.

One of the sons baptizing someone

They taught the Lamanites the gospel. Some of the people listened and were baptized. Some didn’t listen. But the sons of Mosiah didn’t give up. God helped them.

Scripture Challenge

  • Who sent the angel that appeared to Alma the Younger? (Mosiah 27:15)

  • Who appeared to Amulek and told him to feed Alma? (Alma 10:7)

  • After Zeezrom was healed, what did he do? (Alma 15:12)

I Can Read the Book of Mormon!

After you read, color part of the picture. You can read these scriptures that go along with each week’s reading from Come, Follow Me.

Activity PDF with coloring page of the sons of Mosiah preaching

Illustrations by Audrey Day