Planting Trees
June 2024

“Planting Trees,” Friend, June 2024, 42.

Written by You

Planting Trees

Boy planting a tree

Talofa! Hello!

Recently our Primary got to do community service to help the environment. I almost couldn’t go because I live far from the church, but I’m so grateful that my Primary leaders were able to help me get a ride.

When we got to the project site, it was muddy, cold, and wet. But that didn’t stop us! Each child was given one tree to plant, and our Primary leaders showed us how to plant them. As we worked, we learned why trees are so important.

I learned that trees help protect the earth. They give us fruits, medicine, and wood. They also give us oxygen to breathe.

My message to everyone is that we should plant more and more trees! And look for ways to help serve in the community. I’m grateful for this experience and all it taught me.

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Illustration by Katie Rewse