Friends by Mail
June 2024

“Friends by Mail,” Friend, June 2024, 1.

Friends by Mail

Where I Read the Friend

Girl holding the Friend magazine

Lydia O., age 9, reads the Friend in Norwegian in Viken, Norway.

Talking Turtles

Comic of sea turtles

Nathan S., age 9, from Illinois, USA, filled in a fun cartoon for us (June 2023)! Turtle 1: “Hi! Isn’t this coral yummy?” Turtle 2: “It sure is! Can we be friends?” Turtle 1: “Yeah!”

We Love to See the Temple

Family in front of temple

Xavier, Xaela, Ximena, and Jemma L., ages 4, 7, 9, and 1, visited the Bentonville Arkansas Temple.

We love hearing from our friends!