God Frees Alma and Amulek
June 2024

“God Frees Alma and Amulek,” Friend, June 2024, 26–27.

Scripture Stories

God Frees Alma and Amulek

Alma and Amulek preaching

Illustrations by Andrew Bosley

Alma and Amulek went to a city called Ammonihah. They taught people about Jesus Christ. But the people were angry about what they taught. They put Alma and Amulek in prison.

Alma and Amulek bound in prison

The people hurt Alma and Amulek. They were in prison for many days.

The prison walls falling down around Alma and Amulek

Alma and Amulek prayed and asked for strength. They had faith in God. He gave them power to break the rope on their wrists.

Alma and Amulek with no rope binding them standing in the rubble

Then the earth shook. The walls of the prison fell down! God helped free Alma and Amulek. They left Ammonihah to teach other people about Jesus Christ.