Serving Those in Need
June 2024

“Serving Those in Need,” Friend, June 2024, 2–3.

From the First Presidency

Serving Those in Need

Adapted from “Helping the Poor and Distressed,” Liahona, Nov. 2022, 6–8.

Man teaching children under tree

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is committed to serving those in need. It works with many people to do this. All children of God are inspired to serve one another the best they can.

A good example of service is a man named Mr. Gabriel. He saw that many children in East Africa needed help. He asked other teachers to help him make what they called “tree schools.” Children came to have lessons under the shade of a tree. Mr. Gabriel did not wait for others to do something. He did what he could to help thousands of children learn.

I testify of Jesus Christ. His light and Spirit guide us all in helping others throughout the world.

Service Scavenger Hunt

You can make a difference like Mr. Gabriel! Do as many of the activities below as you can. Can you do all 10?

  • Clean up for someone.

  • Give someone a homemade gift.

  • Leave a kind note for someone to find.

  • Make a new friend.

  • Call or visit someone who is lonely.

  • Give someone a thank-you note.

  • Pick up five pieces of trash.

  • Ask a neighbor how you can help them. Then do it!

  • Share something (like food or a toy) with someone.

  • Smile at someone and say hello!

Winding path with children doing kind things along the way

Illustrations by Shawna J. C. Tenney