Serving at the Storehouse
June 2024

“Serving at the Storehouse,” Friend, June 2024, 4–5.

Serving at the Storehouse

“All the members of the Church help each other, so none of us go hungry.”

This story happened in the USA.

Dominic climbed in the car and buckled his seat belt. “Where are we going?” he asked Mom.

“We’re going to serve someone,” Mom said. “A family needs help getting some food.”

They drove to a big gray building. Dominic had never been there before.

“What is this place?” he asked. “I thought we were going to the store to get food.”

Mom closed the car door. “It’s called a bishops’ storehouse. It’s kind of like a grocery store, except you don’t have to pay for the food here.”

Dominic’s eyes got big. “It’s all free?”

“Sort of,” Mom said. “When we fast, we can pay a fast offering, just like how we pay tithing. That money helps buy the food that goes into this storehouse. Then when someone from church doesn’t have enough money, they can ask the bishop for help and come here to get what they need. In places that don’t have a storehouse, the bishop has other ways to help.”

Dominic walked up to the door with Mom. “So the family we’re helping today doesn’t have enough money to buy food?”

“Not right now,” Mom said. “But that’s why we’re helping! All the members of the Church help each other, so none of us go hungry.”

Dominic nodded. “I’m glad they’ll be able to get food.”

“Me too. Now, let’s go! I’ll show you how it works.”

Boy and mom shopping

Dominic and Mom walked into the storehouse. It had rows of shelves with different things on them, like a store.

Mom pulled a paper out of her bag. “This is called a ‘food order.’ It’s a list of things the family needs. Our bishop and Relief Society President worked together to help them make the list.”

“You always use a list when you shop too, Mom!” Dominic said.

“That’s right! We’ll make sure to get everything on the list so the family has what they need.”

Mom got a shopping cart. Then a volunteer helped them find the things on the list. Dominic pushed the cart while Mom put the things inside it.

“OK, I think we’re done!” Mom looked at the list again. “Let’s make sure we have everything. Did we get bananas?”

“Yes!” Dominic said.



When they were done, the volunteer helped them put the food in their car. Dominic waved goodbye.

Boy holding bag of groceries

“How do you feel?” Mom asked as they drove home.

“Great!” Dominic said. “But also . . . not great.”

Mom looked surprised. “Why do you feel not great?”

“Because seeing all that food made me hungry! Can we have lunch when we go home?”

Mom smiled. “Of course! A hard worker like you needs food too.”

Dominic smiled back. He felt good inside for helping someone today.

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Illustrations by Dagmar Smith