Following Jesus in Belgium
June 2024

“Following Jesus in Belgium,” Friend, June 2024, 6–7.

Following Jesus in Belgium

Meet Eloïse and Maëline!

How Eloïse and Maëline Follow Jesus

Two sisters holding hands

Eloïse follows Jesus Christ by praying for comfort. Recently, their grandfather died. She was very sad. But talking to her friends, family, and Heavenly Father helped her feel less alone. “I know that if I want to talk to Heavenly Father, I can pray and He hears me,” she says.

Maëline follows the Savior by sharing her testimony with her friends. When her family was studying the scriptures, she learned about how Jesus Christ felt all the pain from every person while He was in Gethsemane. She wanted to share her testimony of Him with her friend. “I told my friend that when she has pain, Jesus can help her,” Maëline says.

Two sisters in the kitchen

About Eloïse and Maëline

Two smiling sisters

Ages: 10 and 7

From: Hainaut, Belgium

Languages: French and Dutch

Goal: Eloïse wants to be a babysitter. Maëline wants to be a singer and get better at drawing.

Hobbies: Eloïse likes sports and running with her mom. Maëline likes drawing, dancing, singing, cooking, and giving kisses and cuddles.

Family: Eloïse, Maëline, Mom, Dad, and one brother.

Their Favorites

Scripture Story: Eloïse’s favorite scripture is Moroni 10:5 about the Holy Ghost. Maëline likes the story about baby Moses (see Exodus 1–2).

Family Traditions: Eloise likes watching movies with her family. And Maëline likes visiting France with family every year.

Fruit: Eloïse’s favorite fruit is bananas. Maëline likes strawberries, apples, raspberries, melons, blueberries.

Colors: Eloïse’s favorite colors are purple and blue. Maëline’s favorite color is pink.

Primary Songs: Eloïse’s favorite song is “I Will Walk with Jesus” (Friend, February 2020, 27). Maëline’s favorite song is “I Love to See the Temple” (Children’s Songbook, 95).

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Photographs by Ashlee Larsen