The Rollins Sisters Save the Day!
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“The Rollins Sisters Save the Day!” Friend, June 2021

Scripture Stories

The Rollins Sisters Save the Day!

Printing of the Book of Mormon

Jesus Christ told the Prophet Joseph Smith many important things to help us. The Church set up a printing press to print Jesus’s words. That way people would be able to read them.

Book of Commandments

One day, a group of angry men came. They destroyed the printing press. They threw the pages of the scriptures out into the street.

Caroline and Mary Elizabeth Rollins

Two sisters named Mary Elizabeth and Caroline Rollins saw what happened. They ran and gathered the pages in their arms.

Caroline and Mary Elizabeth Rollins

The girls hid in a cornfield until the men left. They had saved the scriptures! Those scriptures later became part of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Scripture Reading

I can read the scriptures. I can be brave and stand up for what I believe.

Illustrations by Apryl Stott