Hi, Friends!
June 2021

“Hi, Friends!” Friend, June 2021

Hi, Friends!

A young girl stands outside a meetinghouse in her Sunday dress. She's stops on the sidewalk for a picture.

I love Jesus Christ, and I will follow Him!

Moryn V., age 5, Illinois, USA

a young boy dressed in a shirt and tie stands outside in front of a tree for a picture. He is african-american

I like to read the Friend to learn about Jesus.

Harrison E., age 5, Idaho, USA

A young boy dressed in Sunday clothes, sits at home using a laptop.

I help my mom index family history names. My job is to find the letters and numbers on the keyboard!

TK C., age 5, Wyoming, USA

A young girl holds on to a wheel barrel made into a handcart. She is dressed in a pioneer dress.

I had fun making a pioneer covered wagon with my dad.

Quincy N., age 3, Massachusetts, USA