A Prayer for Papi
June 2021

“A Prayer for Papi,” Friend, June 2021

A Prayer for Papi

The author lives in Sacatepéquez, Guatemala.

Papi looked sad. How could Danna help?

“Teach them to love one another, and to serve one another” (Mosiah 4:15).

girl in Guatemala praying

Danna looked out the window. She could see Papi coming home from work. He was later than usual.

“Is something wrong, Papi?” Danna asked when Papi came inside the house. He looked tired and sad.

“Well, I had a hard day at work,” Papi said. “And now I’m late for an important meeting at the church.”

“May I help you?” Danna asked. She was worried about Papi.

“Could you please ask Mami if she can make me some food to eat in the car?” Papi asked. “I need to hurry and change into my church clothes.”

Danna ran to tell Mami. She was already in the kitchen making a sandwich.

“Is that for Papi?” Danna asked. “He said he’s late.”

“Yes, it’s for Papi,” Mami said. She put an apple and some juice next to the sandwich.

“Papi is sad, and I don’t know what’s wrong. Do you know?” Danna asked.

Mami sighed. “Papi has lots of things to do. His back has been hurting lately too.”

“I want to do something to help him,” Danna said.

“What if you said a prayer? You can ask Heavenly Father to help him feel better,” Mami said.

Danna went to her room. “Dear Heavenly Father,” she prayed, “please help Papi. And please help me know how I can help him. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

After her prayer, Danna grabbed a piece of paper. She had an idea!

girl writing a letter

Dear Papi, she wrote. Thank you for everything. Thank you for doing your calling even though you come home tired sometimes. You are a good example for me. You are a child of God, and He loves you! With love, Danna.

Danna left the letter in the kitchen by Papi’s food. Then she walked outside without making a noise.

Danna was playing with her little sisters when Papi came out a few minutes later. He had a big smile on his face. “Thank you for the letter, Danna,” he said. He gave her a hug and a kiss. “You helped me feel Heavenly Father’s love.”

girl hugging dad

After Papi left for his meeting, Mami asked what had happened. Danna told her about the letter. Mami smiled and gave Danna a big hug.

“Thank you, Danna. With that little note, you ministered to Papi.”

Danna hugged Mami tight. She was grateful Heavenly Father had answered her prayer. It felt good to help Papi like Jesus would.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/06 Jun

Illustrations by Carolina Farías