Show and Tell
June 2021

“Show and Tell,” Friend, June 2021

Show and Tell

A picture of Meline Langer

I read the scriptures with my family at night. I like to obey the prophet.

Méline L., age 7, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

A boy wearing baptism white clothing

I did a 5-km (3-mile) walk to raise awareness and money for homeless people. It made me feel good that I could serve!

Finn L., age 9, Alberta, Canada

two brothers reading together

I like helping my brother with his homework. I love my brother.

Angel and Ammon K., ages 10 and 6, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

A picture of a boy named Rowan

Reading is super fun! I like to read to my sister.

Rowan J., age 6, Pennsylvania, USA

three girls holding a wooden CTR shield

Our dad cut a piece of wood into a funny shape. We made it into a CTR shield. It reminds us to choose the right!

Merry, Ara, and Elias A., ages 7, 9, and 5, Cheshire, England

A photo of Zoey Lorenzen

Praying to Heavenly Father every night helps me feel closer to Him.

Zoey L., age 11, California, USA

A photo of Mitchell Moss

We learned how to make bread for the sacrament when we had home church. My dad and brothers blessed and passed the sacrament. I like having good examples in my family.

Mitchell M., age 9, Arizona, USA

drawing of Salt Lake Temple

Atticus H., age 11, Aichi, Japan

drawing of Joseph Smith praying

Esther V., age 6, Guayas, Ecuador

drawing of Captain Moroni

“Captain Moroni,” Thayne T., age 10, Utah, USA

drawing of Jesus

Sarah W., age 10, Tennessee, USA

block art that says “Book of Mormon”

“Book of Mormon,” Adam and Levi S., ages 11 and 7, Victoria, Australia