Dear Friends
June 2021

“Dear Friends,” Friend, June 2021

Dear Friends

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/06 Jun

Heavenly Father has given us many gifts—like temples, scriptures, our bodies, and our Savior. He wants us to treat and talk about these gifts with respect and reverence. When we do this, we show Heavenly Father we are grateful for the gifts He has given us. Play the game on page 24 to learn more. What will you do to show reverence and respect?

We love you!

The Friend


We Love to See the Temple

Hannah and Hayley-Jane N., ages 9 and 8, visited the Perth Australia Temple.

Church Magazines

Where I Read the Friend

Samanta G., age 10, reads the Friend in Spanish in Nuevo León, Mexico!


Travels with Margo and Paolo

We weren’t able to travel during COVID-19, so we decided to pretend to travel the world. We made small suitcases out of boxes to keep our pretend passports, tickets, and travel journals in. We love learning and traveling the world with Margo and Paolo! Thank you for helping us fulfill our intellectual goal for Children and Youth.

Connor and June H., ages 7 and 9, Wyoming, USA