My Brother Baptized Me
June 2021

“My Brother Baptized Me,” Friend, June 2021

Written by You

My Brother Baptized Me

sister and brother in white clothes for baptism

When I was about to turn eight, my parents asked if I wanted my brother Enzo to baptize me. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to. But then I decided to ask him to baptize me.

My brother practiced with me before my baptism. He told me what he would say and when I should plug my nose to get ready to go under the water. My dad helped Enzo memorize the baptism prayer.

My entire family got to play a part in my baptism. My sisters Chloé and Margo were witnesses. Margo and my mom gave the talks. Chloé performed a musical number on the violin. Enzo baptized me, and my dad confirmed me a member of the Church and gave me the gift of the Holy Ghost.

As I was getting ready to go in the water, I felt excited. I was tingling all over. When I went in, I felt so warm that I didn’t want to get out.

The next day I was able to take the sacrament as a new member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My brother was also blessing the sacrament for the first time!

I felt very different after my baptism. I had felt the influence of the Holy Ghost before I was baptized, but I feel it better now. I am trying to follow Jesus Christ. I feel that the Holy Ghost helps me make better choices and comforts me. I feel more secure, and I know Heavenly Father is watching over me.