Respect for Sacred Things
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“Respect for Sacred Things,” Friend, June 2021

Respect for Sacred Things

“That which cometh from above is sacred” (Doctrine and Covenants 63:64).

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/06 Jun

The word sacred means holy and special. Heavenly Father wants us to show respect for the sacred things He has given. Showing respect helps us feel His love for us.

Ways to Show Respect

  • I show respect by how I speak.

  • I show respect by how I act.

  • I show respect by how I think and feel.

  • I show respect by how I treat or take care of sacred things.


  1. Cut out the cards of sacred things and put them face down.

  2. Take turns picking a card. Tell why the sacred thing on the card is important to you.

  3. For each card, choose one option from the “Ways to Show Respect” and talk about how you can show respect for that sacred thing.

  • Jesus Christ

  • Temples

  • Sacrament

  • Scriptures

  • Church buildings

  • Church meetings

  • Prophets

  • The earth

Illustrations by Bryan Beach