Origami Hearts
June 2021

“Origami Hearts,” Friend, June 2021


Origami Hearts

illustrated instructions for folding a paper heart

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. Follow the steps to make a folded paper heart!

  1. Start with a square piece of paper. Fold it in half to make a triangle, then open it back up.

  2. Now fold the other side to make a triangle. Open it back up so you have two creases on your square.

  3. Fold the top point to meet the crease in the center.

  4. Fold the bottom point to meet the top.

  5. Fold the right side up to meet the crease in the center.

  6. Fold the left side up to meet the center too.

  7. Flip the paper over. Fold the points at the top and sides and glue or tape them down.

  8. Flip it back over. Now you have a heart! Write a kind note on it and give it to someone.

Illustrations by Nicole Walkenhorst