Jesus Served Others
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“Jesus Served Others,” Friend, June 2021

Helping Like Jesus

Jesus Served Others

Jesus Served Others

After Jesus Christ ate His last meal with His disciples, He washed their feet. They were surprised because He was their Lord and Master. They thought they should be washing His feet. He explained that He did it to teach them how important it was to care for one another, even people who might seem less important. Jesus taught that we will be happy when we help others.

Abigail Hunter

For my eighth birthday party, all my friends brought some school supplies, and together we made kits for kids who didn’t have things for school. It made me feel happy thinking how excited the kids would be to get the school kits. I loved serving with my friends and family. I know that serving others can bring us joy, peace, and love.

Abigail H., age 8, Utah, USA

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/06 Jun

Illustration by Fátima Anaya