Working Together
March 2021

“Working Together,” Friend, March 2021

Working Together

Mother and Son

Caleb grabbed his shovel. It was time to work in the garden!

He helped Mom carry the tools. There was a little rake. And there was a shovel for Mom too. They were ready to start working.

Mom and Caleb walked to the garden. Oh no! It was full of weeds! There were short, spiky weeds. And there were tall, wispy weeds. So many weeds!

But Caleb knew what to do. He got right to work. Caleb dug under the weeds. Then Mom pulled the weeds out of the dirt. They made a great team! Soon they had a giant pile of weeds.

It was time for a break. Caleb took a big drink of water.

“What are we going to do when the weeds are gone?” Caleb asked.

Mom brushed some dirt off her hands. “Once the weeds are gone, we can plant seeds. Like tomatoes and beans and—”

“And corn?” Caleb asked. He loved corn.

“And corn,” Mom said. “We can’t forget that!”

Caleb stood up. “OK. Let’s get back to work.” He picked up his shovel. He needed to make room for corn plants.

Caleb dug and dug. It was hard work. But Caleb was a hard worker. He could do hard things. Together, he and Mom made another pile of weeds. Then another. Then another. So many weeds!

Finally Caleb and Mom had pulled out all the weeds. Caleb flopped down on the grass. He was so tired! Mom flopped down next to him.

“You are such a hard worker,” Mom said. “Those weeds would have taken me all day. You made it fast and fun.”

Caleb smiled big. He was a hard worker. “It’s good when we work together.”

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/03 Mar

Illustrations by Christine Grove