Augusto Lim
March 2021

“Augusto Lim,” Friend, March 2021

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Augusto Lim

First General Authority from the Philippines

Augusto kept thinking about his daughter’s question.

a man in Philippines standing by the missionaries

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Augusto sat on his porch to enjoy the sunshine. His daughter, Mylene, climbed onto his lap.

Tatay (Dad),” she said, “why don’t we go to church like my friends?”

Augusto wasn’t sure what to say.

“Well,” he said finally, “your mom and I went to different churches before we got married. But afterwards we stopped. We still believe in God and study the Bible, though.”

Mylene nodded. But Augusto kept thinking about her question. Maybe he did need to take his family to church.

Augusto decided to pray. “If you want me to serve in a church or do anything for you, just let me know,” he told Heavenly Father.

A few days later, there was a knock at the door. It was two young men in white shirts and black nametags. They said they were from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Augusto had many questions for them. For nine months, he listened to them teach. Finally, he decided to be baptized. He promised God that he would always do his best to obey and help others. His wife, Myrna, was baptized one month later. And little Mylene was happy to go to church!

Augusto and his family helped the Church to grow. They helped build the Church’s first chapel in the Philippines. Augusto also served as a branch president several times. Even though it was hard, Augusto remembered the promise he made at his baptism to do his best.

Years passed. Augusto’s family grew, and so did the Church. When the first stake in the Philippines was organized, Augusto was the stake president. Mylene grew up and got married in the temple. So did Augusto’s other children. Some served missions too.

Eventually, Augusto was called to be a mission president in the Philippines. He helped the missionaries have faith and share the gospel, just like the missionaries who taught him.

One day, Augusto got a phone call from the prophet. He asked Augusto to serve as a General Authority. That meant Augusto would teach other leaders in the Church. It also meant he would give a talk in general conference!

When it was his turn to speak, Augusto stepped up to the pulpit. He took a deep breath. He talked about the faithful members in the Philippines. He talked about the missionaries there who worked so hard. And he shared his testimony of God’s love.

As he sat back down, Augusto felt happy. He knew Heavenly Father had helped him keep the promise he made at baptism. And no matter what happened, Augusto knew he would keep that promise for the rest of his life.

Elder Augusto Lim was president of the Manila Philippines Temple.

There are two temples in the Philippines, with plans for five more.

The Philippines is a country of islands in Southeast Asia.

He worked as a lawyer.

He and his wife, Myrna, are the parents of eight children.

The Philippines has about 805,200 members of the Church.

Product Shot from March 2021 Friend Magazine

Illustration by Emily Lui