For Older Kids
March 2021

“For Older Kids,” Friend, March 2021

For Older Kids

Product Shot from March 2021 Friend Magazine

Family History Corner

Interview a grandparent or another family member! First write a list of questions. Then talk to your family member in person or on the phone and ask your questions. You could use a recording app to save your conversation.

A Prayer for Help

A photo of Sara

I was kind of mad at my parents for not letting me do something. I went to my room and said a prayer, asking Heavenly Father to help me be less mad. I know that when you pray to Heavenly Father in faith, He will answer your prayers.

Sara S., age 10, Utah, USA

Temple Prep Tip: Remember Your Baptism

In the temple, we do baptisms for those who died without having the chance to be baptized when they were alive. Remembering your own baptism can help you understand how happy the people we’re baptized for in the temple feel! Write down what you remember about your baptism.

Illustration by Jimmy Holder