Show and Tell
March 2021

“Show and Tell,” Friend, March 2021

Show and Tell

Boris Marin

We went to church in the countryside and saw ducks and chickens! I am grateful for the animals that God created.

Boris M., age 9, Corrientes, Argentina

David Avalos

When we had church at home, I taught my family about shining like a star. Everyone made a star and wrote on it about how they shine.

David A., age 8, Florida, USA

Father and Daughter with a plate of cookies

I follow the example of Jesus Christ by showing love and helping others.

Marjorie C., age 7, Merseyside, England

Young man named Aiden

When I was baptized, I didn’t feel special right away, but my dad told me that someday I would feel special. Now, I do feel special about it.

Aidan T., age 9, Alaska, USA

A photo of Woolfe Mckade

I got a feeling at lunch not to play on the bars at recess. I ignored that feeling and played on the bars anyway. I fell off and broke my arm. I know the Holy Ghost will give me quiet warnings.

McKade W., age 11, Washington, USA

Layla Prebble

My best friend has been through a lot, and I made her a special treat for Easter. When I dropped it off, I felt good inside knowing I was helping my friend.

Layla P., age 10, Tasmania, Australia

The Sacrament

When we take the sacrament,

We ask Heavenly Father to help us repent.

To wash us clean from sorrow and sin,

So that each Sunday we can newly begin.

We drink the water and eat the bread,

And then remember in our head.

We must always remember Jesus.

We live because He died for us.

Madelyn R., age 9, Utah, USA

drawing of a house with a family

Sophia A., age 6, Paraná, Brazil

drawing of Jesus

“Hear Him,” Scarlet H., age 7, Alberta, Canada

Jesus at the tomb

“He Is Risen,” Eliza S., age 10, Idaho, USA

Jesus holding a lamb

Ammon H., age 10, Idaho, USA

boy with a block Church meeting he built

Joshua M., age 6, Hesse, Germany