Dear Friends
March 2021

“Dear Friends,” Friend, March 2021

Dear Friends,

This year Palm Sunday is on the last Sunday in March. That’s when we celebrate the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. People waved palm leaves and shouted, “Hosanna!” A few days later, Jesus suffered and died for us. Then He was resurrected! We hope you’ll enjoy this special time to remember what Heavenly Father and Jesus have done for us (see John 3:16). Because of Them, we can all live again!

With love,

The Friend

P.S. How many pages about Jesus can you find in this issue?

boy with boat he built

Build Your Own

I learned how Nephi made a boat (February 2020), so I wanted to make one myself to understand how Nephi felt. At first it was difficult, but I learned to not give up and to trust the Lord as Nephi did.

Ian D., age 9, Veracruz, Mexico

two boys reading Friend magazine

Where We Read the Friend

We love reading the Friend! It helps us feel less alone because we are the only members of the Church in our city. We read it in German and in Dutch because our mom is from the Netherlands and our dad is from Germany.

Lars and Torben S., ages 5 and 3, Lower Saxony, Germany

Primary children in front of temple in Colombia

We Love to See the Temple

We live near the Barranquilla Colombia Temple and visit it every two weeks. It helps us remember the covenants we will make with Heavenly Father.

Puerto Colombia Branch Primary, Colombia

Product Shot from March 2021 Friend Magazine