A Piano for Prophet
March 2021

“A Piano for Prophet,” Friend, March 2021

A Piano for Prophet

This story took place in Greater Accra, Ghana.

A boy named Prophet had two important goals.

“Music is a language that everyone can understand” (Children’s Songbook, iii).

Musical Instruments

Prophet loved music. He especially loved Primary songs and Church hymns. He hummed the tunes all day long. He imagined himself sitting at a piano, playing his favorite songs. He also imagined himself teaching other people how to play.

There was just one problem. He didn’t have a piano.

One day Prophet had an interview with his bishop.

“Have you set any goals for the Children and Youth program?” the bishop asked.

“Yes,” Prophet said. “I want to learn to play the piano.”

“That is a good goal,” the bishop said.

“And when I reach that goal,” Prophet said, “then I have another goal. I want to teach 20 other people how to play.”

“You have two good goals,” the bishop said.

“And I have a problem,” Prophet said. “I don’t have a piano.”

“Well, let us see what we can do.”

At church the next Sunday, the bishop told Prophet that he had found a missionary couple who could teach him. They would bring piano keyboards for him and others to practice on. They wanted to teach lots of people how to play the piano.

The bishop talked to people. Prophet talked to people. Prophet’s family talked to people. Soon the whole ward was talking about piano lessons. So were others.

“Many of my friends who are not members also want to learn,” Prophet told the bishop.

“They are welcome, of course,” the bishop said. “The missionaries will give you a book and help you learn the lessons. And after you learn, you can help them teach everyone else.”

“That is my second goal!” Prophet said.

Soon Prophet was practicing with the missionaries. He loved learning what each of the notes meant and hearing them come together to make a song. Two of his friends from church, Kelvin and Alexander, were also learning. After a month, all three boys started teaching too.

Every day, the boys taught keyboard classes at the Church building. At first there were about 10 students, then 20, then 50!

“This is fun!” Kelvin said one day when class was over.

“I think Heavenly Father is happy because we are helping others to learn,” Alexander said.

Prophet nodded. His goal was already helping so many people.

But there was something else that made Prophet happy. As the other students practiced the Primary songs, they were also learning about Heavenly Father. Some of them asked Prophet if they could learn more about the Church.

And in fact, some of the people who first learned about the Church because of piano lessons ended up getting baptized.

“Now in meetings,” Prophet says, “we all join together and sing the songs we love.”