Meet Victoria from the United Arab Emirates
March 2021

“Meet Victoria from the United Arab Emirates,” Friend, March 2021

Helping Hands around the World

Meet Victoria from the United Arab Emirates

Meet Primary children helping others, like Jesus did.

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All about Victoria

picture of family together

Age: 5

From: United Arab Emirates

Languages: English, Finnish, and French

Goals and dreams: 1) Be a doctor. 2) Be an artist. 3) Make sure everyone has clean water.

Family: Mom, Dad, younger brother and sister, Elisabeth and Christopher

Victoria’s Helping Hands

girl holding picture of heart

Victoria likes looking for ways to show her love. Sometimes it’s sharing a handmade card, giving a hug, or even sharing her food.

At school she would often sing “I Am a Child of God” out loud. Soon all of the teachers in her school learned the words. Sometimes they would even sing along.

When schools closed because of COVID-19, her teachers remembered Victoria’s song. They asked if she would send a video of herself singing “I Am a Child of God” to help cheer them up. Victoria and her little sister decided to sing the song together for the video. They wanted to surprise their teachers and help them smile, so they learned to sing it in Arabic too!

Victoria’s Favorites

girl dancing

Place: the playground

Story about Jesus: When He was resurrected on Easter

Primary song: “Nephi’s Courage” and “I Love to See the Temple” (A new temple is going to be built in the UAE!)

Food: pot stickers

Colors: gold, silver, pink, and purple

Subjects in school: art and math