Stay Media Safe
March 2021

“Stay Media Safe,” Friend, March 2021

Stay Media Safe

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Good-Choice Questions

How do you know what’s good to watch, read, and listen to? Here are some questions to help you choose the right:

  • Does it help me feel the Holy Ghost?

  • Does it help me follow Jesus?

  • How would I feel if the Savior were here with me?

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A Turn-Away Plan

What do you do when you see media that isn’t good? Make a plan so you know what to do!

  1. Turn off the phone, computer, tablet, or TV.

  2. Tell a parent or trusted adult what you saw and ask for their help. They can answer your questions and help you.

  3. Do something positive. You could sing a Primary song, read to a sibling, or play outside with a friend.

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Focus on the Good

Technology can help you do many good things. What good things has it helped you do?

Here are some ideas!

  • Video chat with family.

  • Do family history.

  • Learn something new.

  • Watch or listen to something that makes you happy.

  • Visit the Friend website.

Product Shot from March 2021 Friend Magazine

Illustrations by Jennifer Naalchigar